The Day After?

With the fivethityeight “nowcast” prediction getting frighteningly close to a 50% chance for Trump, it may not yet be time to panic, but it is certainly time for some realistic planning.  Maybe such planning will help us realize the scope of what is at stake, and keep us calm enough to stop disaster.

First, lets recognize that if Trump wins the electoral college, we wake up in a fundamentally different America.  We all have to think differently about our lives.

Above all, we will have to focus on what really matters.  There are really only three things, and they are chosen because of their irreversibility of failure.

1.  Maintaining our democratic constitutional system of government.  We have to maintain a relatively accessible electoral process, a free press that can and does comment without fear of government retaliation, and a legal and court system that protects the Constitution.

2.  Avoiding nuclear war.

3.  Continuing to move forward on climate change.

With a focus on those goals, a few rough initial generalizations about who might do what.

  1.  Federal employees — Shelter in place.  Hard though it may be to stay in as a representative of, and part of a government that is going to do terrible things, it is very important that as many people as possible are in place who remember than their obligation is to follow the Constitution, not the Leader.  Without such people in place, everything will happen much faster and more irreversibly.
  2. Leaders of organizations — Assert and Defend your group’s values.  It is not partisan to assert the values of your organization even if the leader of the country is directly and overtly dong things that are inconsistent with them.  To view passivity as the only form of neutrality is to collaborate and enable the destruction and defeat of those values.  This generalization applies with equal force to organizations within the federal government, but will be far easier for outside groups like the ABA.
  3. Those with some money — Use it.  It will obviously be critical that organizations that protect rights through information advocacy and litigation have the resources to do so.  Do not just make political donations, but ones guided by the broader need.  Similarly support those media groups that retain their independence — not all will.

That’s enough for now.

Do others have non-rant ideas to contribute?


At Last Humor: Coming Soon (Maybe) the Donald Trump Pop-Up Book

Time for a little of the light relief that this blog’s title promised:  The Donald Trump Pop-Up Book.

What would it include?

Well. there’s the Wall, which pops up as you open the book, and where pulling a tab puts on the top the famous TRUMP logo.  Or you could pull a tab to pull those fleeing persecution over the wall — actually two tabs, one for each direction.

There is the Oval Office.  We leave to the imagination his choice of interns.  Or maybe the gold bars of Fort Knox have that an even greater effect on the pop-up.

You could also have a “decorate the Trump Oval Office,” Turning wheels lets you change portraits on the walls to his various heroes, like Putin. (Obama and Lincoln are peering through the window crying — you could even do something to move the tears.

And you could put a photo of you and your friends demonstrating outside the Lafayette Square

The almost penultimate one is tragic:

The deportation pop-up, in which you operate a battering ram on the door of a home in which one member of the family is not documented.  (Maybe you do something to file litigation to stop it, and the kids and parents are back together.)

Of course, the final pair are one in which you vote, and one that lets you calculate the electoral college margin.

On the pop-up of  the voter — the face of the voter on the page is mirrorized so you can see yourself voting.  You can also see a huge line of voters of every kind of rainbow lined up inside and outside the polling place.

Lots of pop-up book graphics possible for the electoral college – a wipe that shows the wave of change since 2012, or a circle that turns the map “upside down,” Or a statistically validated wheel in which you estimate the presidential election percentage, and it predicts Senate and House numbers.  Not to mention the link to

An online version would let you load your photos into his oval office paintings, the view through the windows, you in the demonstrators against the all.  You could put in your voting place and use it locally.  The possibilities are endless.

Conceptual copyright reserved for now — who wants to take this one on, maybe crowdsourced?  Where do the profits go?  Maybe the online one could be an open-source project.

A Spanish language version would be a great citizenship and voter registration and turnout tool.