Trump and Python Go Together Again — Brave, Brave, Sir Donald

Its hard not to see the Trump presidency as a full time Monty Python marketing campaign.

I feel particularly bad for the US Navy here, they have to do what they are told.

But I can not avoid combining the Washington Post headline below and the scene from the Holy Grail, that clearly references our national leadership, “Brave Sir Donald” — particularly the last 30 seconds or so.

Despite talk of a military strike, Trump’s ‘armada’ actually sailed away from Korea


Melania’s Diary #2: Updating my Resume With TV Show Coupling

Maybe now I can let the world know about my TV career.

Here I am on the BBC program Coupling, playing the wife of someone competing with regular Patrick for having the most attractive wife.  (The two other women are also “competing” for who is to pretend to be the even more attractive fake wife of Patrick.)

Yes, and I got to wear my hair in its natural color.

Donnie refused to play Ivan, my husband.  Donnie said he was too much of a looser.