US Institutions Prepare to Reject the Metastasis

It is surely a time to reflect upon the strength of American institutions, and to take some reassurance in the ways they are moving to protect our system.  (For a general State Dept view of these strengths, see here.  For my analysis of the importance of communicating internationally about these strengths, see here.)

The most fascinating, I find, was the addition by the Supreme Court, when it took the immigration case, of the issue of meaning of the language that the President should “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”  It is generally assumed that the addition, very rare indeed, was driven by Scalia, and that his death puts the matter on hold (indeed, it seems not to have received significant attention at oral argument).  But imagine the back and forth in the Conference, and the liberals having to concede that they might want to join with conservatives in beginning to create a consensus intellectual framework to constrain out of control chief executives.  I would have gone for it.

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