Now Trump Owns Every Job Loss — Even Before He Is Sworn In.

Initially, I was worried by the report that Trump’s Carrier intervention is earning high approval.  But even setting aside the fact that the set up of answer choices suggests that the result is more rejection of traditional Republic orthodoxy about non-intervention in the economy, the long-term expectations set up huge problems for Trump.

Because from now on, every job loss leads to the question to the President-elect, and then the President — did you try to intervene on this one, did you succeed, if not why not, what did you offer/threaten?  Also, why did you do this for Carrier workers in Indiana, but not for me?

Given that these are long term economic forces, it’s the King Canute story but the other way around.

It also reminds me of the story of how Bill Clinton always wanted to go to Wall Street and ring the stock market opening bell.  And his staff would say, “but what if the market goes down that day?”