It Might Not Be Too Early to Start The Affordable Care Act Repeal Deathlist

This would simply be a documented list of all the people whose deaths appear to have been caused or accelerated by the repeal of the ACA.

It would start now with any suicides triggered by anxiety about the fear of lack of health care coverage.

Such a list would include some demographic data, but with the identifying data kept confidential, unless the family wished otherwise.

The demographic data would allow generalizations about what groups are being hurt.  It would be particularly interesting to discover what counties they came from, and the voting patterns in that county.  I would guess that the impact will be much higher in those counties and states that do not have the resources to “replace” on their own.

Maybe just the threat of this list would make some “Repeal and Replace” advocates think very carefully about accepting a “replace” that was one in name only.  Imagine the list being used by an opponent in future elections.  Imagine if, regardless of that, a PAC threatened in advance to run those ads all over.