We Can Not Let This Be an Election That “Cannot be Discussed” — Maybe This Focus Group Can Help Us Explore How to Do So

A friend sent me, for consideration, an editorial in a publication called “The Week” which gathers valuale and representative articles from around the world.  The Editor, William Falk, under the headline The election that cannot be discussed, essentially urges us not to discuss the election for fear of violence or losing friends.

If you suffer from a compulsion to talk politics with friends, family, and co-workers during the next six months, resist it. The primaries already have fractured the two political parties into feuding factions, and now the presidential race will be a death match between two of the most disliked, divisive figures in recent U.S. history. If you dare discuss Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton around the water cooler or at the family picnic, the ensuing argument will likely end in yelling and personal insults. You might even get punched.

.  .   .  Read about it, watch it on TV, but I warn you: Speak not of it to people who disagree — or you may never speak to them again.

I hope he is kidding, or perhaps using it as a way to point out the deterioration of out political dialog.

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