Do Not Call Us Immigrants, Call us “Americans By Choice”

That’s what I am, that’s what millions of us are.

So, why are we lesser Americans, or rather why do so many think so.

If anything, the argument that “we Americans by Choice have shown more committement to America” would be stronger than the one that “Americans by Birth have shown more committement.”

And, pray, how come Americans by Ancestor Capture are so often the best of all?

One thought on “Do Not Call Us Immigrants, Call us “Americans By Choice”

  1. My mother became an American citizen when, after campaigning for Adlai Stevenson in 1956, she was unable to vote for him. She spoke eloquently about making the choice to relinquish her legal connection to her native land and choose a new one. The next time she returned to her former home country she was overwhelmed to go through customs in the “foreigner” line.
    Becoming an American was not a decision she made lightly. Because of her experienceson, I have great respect for all who choose to be here, and deeply value my good fortune that this has always been my home.


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