Developing an Algorithm to Find Out What Trump is Most Frightened Of

Let me suggest that it would be quite simple to develop an algorithm to get inside Trump’s brain.

Imagine two steps.

One:  Identify the Trump statements/tweets that get the most attention with numbers.   The numbers  measuring attention come from news stories, searches and retweets.  (There is an assumption here that the Trump operation is skilled at this, and so the do the most effective stuff when they feel they most need to.)

Two:  Identify any event of news focus that occurred shortly before the Trump statement/tweet.

Then sort the table based on the data behind the first column, and look for patterns.  My guess is that we will quickly see what the Trump operation feels it is most important to divert attention away from.

The algorithm is based on a technique used by George Smiley in John LeCarre’s novels to identify when British intelligence is getting closest to identifying the “mole.” The Russians and mole then respond with dramatic intelligence to divert attention.