Is Trump Becoming a PINO, “President in Name Only,” Or Maybe a “So-Called President”

In the last few days, tweets notwithstanding, we seem to be seeing how Trump’s extravagant utterances are being constrained and limited in their actual effect.

On foreign policy, settlements, Jerusalem, Ukraine, etc., the backing off is very fast, and really quite astonishing.

On domestic policy, the constraints are more complex but building, from business leader anxieties, to Republican caution, to sudden understanding about the complexities and risks of health care changes.

Of course, the most obvious example is on border control, and that highlights the constraints that the legal system is already imposing on Trump and his gang — and the fact that the legal system is particularly hostile to policy on the fly and public statements designed to inflame, that in fact illustrate the real purposes of policy changes.

So, notwithstanding all the damage being done, and going to be done, “In Name Only,” seems more and more likely.  Maybe “In Name Only” will be followed by “Not Even In Name Now.”

Remember, the question is not whether huge amounts of damage will be done — it will.  The question is whether the damage will be reversible.  That depends on whether we emerge with a free press, a functioning democratic system, and an independent and deferred-to judiciary.  I feel a bit more optimistic about that than I did a few days ago.

Thank you Mr PINO.  Or should we say “so-called President?”