Resurrecting the Online Trump Team Lie Detector

The idea of a TV Trump lie detector system, proposed here, really did not get much initial traction.

Thus the TASS (Trump Assertion Scoring System).  I trust that those old enough to remember the Soviet news Agency and its endlessly repeated and utterly predictable falsehoods will appreciate the joy of thinking of this name .  .  .

TASS would be deployed on one or more news source networks, in the form of maybe a visual Pinocchio, or other graphic, maybe in the bottom left of the screen, showing the accuracy or not of the current assertion. One could also use an icon system to note the percentage of lies in the speech. Indeed, the Washington Post Fact Checker already uses a Four Pinocchio scoring system.  But it is not in real time. Polifact does some livechecking, but it seems to be text driven, and in any event not on the major network news feeds.

But now, with the media finally getting that they have to do something about the obviously intentional lying of the Trump administration, it is the time to get this going.

The great thing is that the Trump team has now degenerated so much that so much of what they say is immediately recognizable as a lie.  So it would not take much staff to do it.

It would be easy to pilot with the press briefings.

One thought on “Resurrecting the Online Trump Team Lie Detector

  1. The mainstream media attending Trump or White House Press officer’s briefings should not televise or audio report live, but instead do a 1+ hour delay to enable accurate fact checking (even alternative facts). It would be similar to the 10-second delay on live coverage of any event to bleep profanities. That portion of the announcement deemed false should be deleted from coverage and noted only that a portion, in minutes, was false. If then such media as Fox News were to be the only instant source of such White House or administration reports so be it. They could claim the scoop to their faithful followers, who are unlikely to be concerned with truth anyway. Meanwhile, those who watch cable news (other than Fox) or other live broadcasters would be spared the confusion. Instead, real news could simply report the topic of the lies, the time it took to deliver them and perhaps the negative effect flowing from the falsehoods.


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