Nixon’s Watergate Tweets Discovered

The back story is a bit unclear, but it turns out that Donald Trump will not be the first President to have used Twitter.  In fact, Trump and his staff have found that Richard Nixon was tweeting throughout all of Watergate.  Trump believes that making this public will help show how presidential he, Trump is, so with the help of the NSA all the preserved tweets are slowly being released.

Here are some of those which show how much he used twitter to rehearse later statements.

NOT A CROOK!!!!!!!!!

Washington Post losers Going to put Katies tits through the wringer.

Arch Cox NOW history — Sad.

Dishonest Elliot Richardson OUT tomorrow.

Ruckelshouse worse — OUT.

Bork the GREATEST. On the way to SCOTUS!!!!!!!!! Huge.

Congressman Evidence.  So sad.

Jews very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious.  [Compare.]

Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union not American concern. [Compare.]

No Jewish coming back from Vietnam on any of those lists; don’t know how the hell.  The Canadian-Swedish contingent,  Jewish. Deserters. Evil.  [Compare]

The President does it, not illegal. [Compare]

No. Not lying. Said things that later on seemed untrue. [Compare]

Seriously, the process of “tweetifying”Nixon into Trump is easily done by just removing all unnecessary words.   Additions to this list welcomed in the comments.  Links to Nixon quotes appreciated but not required.  “Very Easy.  Just the GREATEST.”


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