Please Help Us Figure Out How to Build a Trump Provocation Engine

My mind has been drifting over the obvious question as to how to provoke Trump to issue a twitter rant against someone, preferably as gratuitously as possible.  My thoughts so far.

Make a comment in derogation of his sexuality and/or, masculinity.

Make sure that it has some capacity to reduce his economic interests, since those seem to be the core driver.

Make sure your tweet is likely to resonate with his base, since that is what he cares about.

Try to have the provocation include something with which he can respond with something that will demonstrate his power to intimidate.

Give him some bait so that the topic and response will get broad media attention.

In terms of days, time it for when he is most desperate for misdirection to stop people from noticing whatever he or his appointees are doing behind the curtain.

Choose a day when he has been “quiet” for a time

In terms of hour of the day/night, best time seems to be around 3 AM.

Seriously, I would really urge a researcher to look at the most any tweets and see how they correlate with the above, and other factors, such as prior activity during the last 24 hours, who is around him, general medial mood, etc.

Then we can build an automated provocation engine.  Actually, since provocation would be so good for business, you could even sell its services to the highest bidder (taking a percentage of increased revenues, and using those revenues for anti-Trump activities.)

Of course, my secret hope is that showing how predictable he is will be such a threat to his sense of his own ultimate superiority that this post will have the desired set-off effect.  If it does not do so, then it proves that he is so ordinary that he does not understand the idea, or the intellectual undermining it represents.