The Post Presidency — No, No, Not That One, Not Obama’s But Trump’s

If you know anyone who still denies that Republicans have been playing with fire, ask them what they think the Trump post-presidency will look like.

Regardless of who succeeds him, there are bound to be endless undercutting tweets, constant attacks on any even mild criticism of his prior presidency or policy changes from it, absolute disregard for truth, ongoing contempt for the norms of both political and human discourse, demonization of opponents and minorities, and repeated deligitimization of the political system.

And, if Trump or his choice will have been defeated in the election, this will all be then be accompanied by continuing attempts to undercut the result and the legitimacy of the election and his successor.

Those enablers who will have brought this on themselves will know who they are.  I trust it will be some comfort to them that they will have brought it on all of us too.

Bottom line.  Regardless of whether he is removed by impeachment, the procedures of the 25th Amendment, the completion of two terms, or denial of reelection, by the time he is gone he must have no legitimacy left with any group beyond the absolute fringe.  This is the responsibility of all, but the more a group has enabled him so far, the greater their responsibility in the days to come.  The question is if and when they will realize it.