How to Close Down Phone Spamming — Millions Could Answer and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk

The phone spam seems to be getting much worse, particularly on mobiles.  For the first time, my default is to not answer all unrecognized calls.  Most of them seem to come from a small number of law violators.

So, here is crowd way to respond.

Instead of not answering, or hanging up, actually follow the steps and engage the person with vague discussion, thus wasting their time.  If enough do that, it will simply no longer be worth the commissions, and the industry will die.  Its all about incentives.  Such a campaign could be set up to be triggered only when a certain number had signed up to do it.

There is a risk, I suppose, that you will end up getting extra calls, either as revenge, or because their algorithm will tell the companies that it will be worth it to call.  J]If enough people just keep wasting their time, and the ploy fails.

Remember, it is critical not to give out any information, or to do anything on your phone or computer that is suggested by the perpetrator.

By the way, in my conversations, the one approach that seems to work is things like: “What do your parents think of you doing this job?”  “What does you God think?”  In one case the person on the phone simply said, “I have to eat.”

What would be best of all, however, would be if an app could be triggered on your phone so with an AI interface that would engage the caller in conversation, without any more intervention on the victim’s part.  The software could be updated based on how effective its own data shows it to be.

A great project for a hackathon.