A Tale of Two Briefings

Is not clear to me whether Trump’s reluctance to listen to intelligence briefings, or the intelligence worlds reluctance to provide substantive ones, is greater.

So these two authenticated transcripts, in one case an extract and the other the full one, should be useful in understanding the dynamics.

One: Extract From Daily Presidential Briefing to President Obama

Briefer:  Mr President, here are the highlights.  Our KH satellites picked up additional movement of advisors into Syria, and HUMINT confirms a strengthening relationship between Asad and Putin.  In Ukraine, intercepts show anxiety in the pro-Russian rebel leadership that you successor will get Putin to sell them out.  We are picking up increasing doubts about the EU in Hungary, but increasing support in Poland.  There is a cabinet crisis not yet publicly reported in the Czech Republic  .  .   .

President:  Stop there.  Do you have that overall Europe assessment done yet?  Why has your Ukraine analysis changed?


Two:  Full Text of Occasional Weekly Briefing of President Elect Trump

Briefer:  Good Morning Mr Preisdent-Elect

Trump:  Hi, what’s up?

Briefer:  Not much.

Trump: Fine, bye.  See you next week.