“The Presidential Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2017”

We all know how a certain party loves to trigger “blame the victim” mythology by invoking the words “personal responsibility.”

Well, with the most irresponsible president-elect imaginable, one who even often denies doing what he has done or said, maybe its time to think about a “Presidential Responsibility and Disclosure Act.”

Such an Act, unlikely to be passed in the first 100 days, would provide:

That presidents would be required to disclose any benefits they might receive as a result of actions taken by them or their appointees, or those under their appointees control, including White House staff.  The requirement would be waived when the President put their assets in a blind trust that met the standard that the President could not know or speculate about the impact of the decisions.  In other words that not only the trust would be blind, but its assets would have been randomized.

That the President would be required to acknowledge and correct misstatements made by him or her or the White House staff, unless given a confidential waiver by a national security staff, and subject to the disapproval of two or more of the chairs or minority leaders of the appropriate congressional committees.  The requirements would also apply to such statements made during the campaign, with the corrections required to be made before the voting by the formal electors in December.  With respect to campaign aides, the requirement would only apply to those who then take up government positions.

That presidential tweets would be required to followed within a few days, by a citation of authorities. (Given how badly Trump does with those with grad school experience, this could be sold as having potential to improve his rating with this rapidly expanding demographic.)

That, in order to facilitate first amendment exercise by voters, presidential candidates would be responsible for releasing their full Federal, state and local tax returns prior to the first steps in the convention delegate selection process.

Any other suggestions?