Questions for Four Years On

Reagan’s winning question “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” has been the holy grail of candidates ever since, and its reuse has never worked, so its not enough to plan to use it again.

Rather we need to be thinking now about the equivalent that goes to the deeper motivations of the key changed voters:

Is the system any less rigged than it was four years ago?

Are those who the system was rigged for any worse off than they were four years ago?

Is your voice being heard more than it was four years ago?

Did the job you were promised come back?

Are we being kept out of wars like you were promised?



One thought on “Questions for Four Years On

  1. I want to thank you for your continuing attention to ATJ issues. ATJ, specifically non-lawyer advocacy, is a urgent concern of mine, and I rely on you to not only keep me apprised of the issues but to provide astute analysis as well. I appreciate your leadership and your support of the cause and the people working on this cause. Happy thanksgiving!


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