The Daily Trump Economic Self-Interest Report

Someone needs to set up a reporting and analysis system that collects, every day, the personal economic benefit to Trump and his family from each of his decisions.

The first priority is the decisions he made personally, or approved, the next is the ones made by others after discussions with him, and the last, biggest, is those made by those appointed by him, or under the supervision of those appointed by him.

Its a mammoth project, requiring first of all a full inventory of his economic interests.  The very fact that that will be so hard to collect underlines the danger to the legitimacy of the entire US government, and its reputation worldwide.

It may be that the only way we will be able to regain international respect is if we show by activities like this that as a country we are committed to its ideals.

It is one thing to ask American young people to die for a Trump Hotel.  It is quite another to ask solders from an ally to do so — or even to ask taxpayers in any country to bear a financial burden inspired by the protection of Trump family economic interests.  And what, finally, if such a conflict escalates, without anyone meaning it,  into nuclear war?  Just the perception of the threat is terifying to the idea of our national cohesion.

Imagine if John Kennedy had had a big hotel in Cuba confiscated by Castro.  How would the Bay of Pigs invasion have looked then?  How would allies and the UN have looked at US response to the Missile Crisis?  (Most who were not alive, do not remember how skeptical many allies were, and how the world mood only changed when Kennedy authorized the release of the spy photos, photos that would probably not be believed today.)