Obama Is Brilliantly Preparing for Either a Bad or A Disastrous Trump Presidency

As this Politico article hints at, Obama is always way ahead.

He continues to “make nice” and tries to be helpful.  If things go so badly that we need an impeachment — surely not impossible given the transition implosion already becoming clear — then at the right time he can say, in effect:

Look, I did everything I could to help the current president do his job.  I did this because the country is far far more important than any one person.  But that also means that given how badly things have gone, I have to support the constitutional process that was deigned to protect the country from disaster.  So I, together with other retired presidents now support this effort.  This is a sad day for American.  But it would be an even sadder one if we did not do what has to be done.

If on the other hand, Trump is merely a bad president, then he can say:

Look, during the transition, I said, and I quote myself ‘Those folks who voted for the president-elect are better off than they were when I came into office, for the most part, but we’ll see whether those facts affect people’s calculations in the next election.’  Sadly, (listing facts) it is clear that folks are not better off than four years ago.  And I think that almost everybody knows it, so this should be an easy decision on how to vote this year.

It could be quite a ride.

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