Some Uninformed Questions Playing Comey-Trump-Clinton All Out.

Why did the Comey story break only 11 days out?  Was someone holding the information lower in the FBI so that it only got to the Director with timing for maximum damage?  Was a lower level staffer suppressing it, and it got sprung somehow?

Could it be that the other shoe will drop next week with a Trump indictment for tax fraud, or a Ukraine or Putin enabler indictment of a Trump “associate”?

Will the rules for when investigations with political impact are discussed by DOJ and FBI going to be clarified and enforced?  The same question might be asked by Christie allies (although later data has not undercut the earlier action in that case.)

Why is the FBI not providing more information?

What happens if this all eventually comes to nothing and Clinton loses the election anyway?  Talk about an illegitimate result and a president lacking in legitimacy, electoral and political, as well as moral, intellectual and personal.

Suppose the Clinton loses, and the investigation goes on under a President Trump, and under the AG he has nominated.  What kind of confirmation hearings would those be, with Republican or Democratic Senate majorities?

Supposing Clinton wins, then we get the same kind of questions in a different kind of context.

Supposing the matter appears resolved during the transition, in a manner inconsistent with the electorate’s apparent assumptions, as inferred from their vote.  How on earth does that play out.

In short, anything other that full and immediate transparency, with hopefully a full resolution before a week from now, is likely to lead to a disaster.  Even if the matter can not be fully resolved by then, everyone should know everything, or we will simply have a potentially illegitimate result — regardless of who wins.  There also needs to be full transparency about why this broke now, and why, if that is the case, it can not be at least preliminarily be resolved in a week.