The Rigging Argument Cuts Better the Other Way

If I were Republicans I would be very leery about saying that the election is “rigged.”

Actually, one part of our system IS clearly rigged, and that it the significant advantage given the Republicans in the House by state by state gerrymandering.   That it has been sanctioned by a majority of one or two votes in the Supreme Court does not change that fact.

So, an exploration of the “riggedness” of the election is a very dangerous thing, not just for democratic legitimacy, but for the Republican party.

Remember that Nov 8.


One thought on “The Rigging Argument Cuts Better the Other Way

  1. So very true. The Supreme court manages our society and political system, from voting rights to gerrymandering, to Citizens United. This is why the election is even more critical. A mere 4 years is not at stake but the future of generations.


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