Melania’s Diary #4: Donald’s Debate Preparation Moves Ahead — Sort Of.

So, Donny promised to start his debate prep this weekend.  We are all a bit sad because the staff have had a hard time pinning him down:

First he said that the dog had chewed up the briefing book.

Then he said that he was too busy watching videos.

Then he went to bathroom and came out sniffing.

Then he said he wanted to rehearse his Saturday night speech so that he would stay on message.

Then he said he had to check over he tax returns due Oct 15, on extension.

Then he wanted to watch SNL.

Then he started tweeting.

Then he said he needed to go out to buy an early copy of the NYT (you know, you go to the building.)

Then he could not find his smartphone charger.

Then he spent a couple of hours voting in online polls about the debate.

Then he said the mike in the debate mock-up room was defective.

Then he said he felt he had been “over-prepared” last week.  That he won even though he was over-prepared shows how smart he is.

Then he wanted a gallon of mocha ice cream. (with chocolate syrup, cream and a cherry on top.)  He sent Christie out to get it.

Then he wanted a massage.

Now he has promised he will get down to prep tomorrow evening.

We are all looking forward to it.

P.S.  If anyone gets additional reports of delays, please share the reasons in the comments.

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