The Day After?

With the fivethityeight “nowcast” prediction getting frighteningly close to a 50% chance for Trump, it may not yet be time to panic, but it is certainly time for some realistic planning.  Maybe such planning will help us realize the scope of what is at stake, and keep us calm enough to stop disaster.

First, lets recognize that if Trump wins the electoral college, we wake up in a fundamentally different America.  We all have to think differently about our lives.

Above all, we will have to focus on what really matters.  There are really only three things, and they are chosen because of their irreversibility of failure.

1.  Maintaining our democratic constitutional system of government.  We have to maintain a relatively accessible electoral process, a free press that can and does comment without fear of government retaliation, and a legal and court system that protects the Constitution.

2.  Avoiding nuclear war.

3.  Continuing to move forward on climate change.

With a focus on those goals, a few rough initial generalizations about who might do what.

  1.  Federal employees — Shelter in place.  Hard though it may be to stay in as a representative of, and part of a government that is going to do terrible things, it is very important that as many people as possible are in place who remember than their obligation is to follow the Constitution, not the Leader.  Without such people in place, everything will happen much faster and more irreversibly.
  2. Leaders of organizations — Assert and Defend your group’s values.  It is not partisan to assert the values of your organization even if the leader of the country is directly and overtly dong things that are inconsistent with them.  To view passivity as the only form of neutrality is to collaborate and enable the destruction and defeat of those values.  This generalization applies with equal force to organizations within the federal government, but will be far easier for outside groups like the ABA.
  3. Those with some money — Use it.  It will obviously be critical that organizations that protect rights through information advocacy and litigation have the resources to do so.  Do not just make political donations, but ones guided by the broader need.  Similarly support those media groups that retain their independence — not all will.

That’s enough for now.

Do others have non-rant ideas to contribute?


3 thoughts on “The Day After?

  1. Not sure if this will be a nonrant or not. I’m writing trom Canada, and even though I’m a recovering lawyer, I can’t begin to understand your complicated electoral system. What I can safely say is that most Canadians think a Trump administration would be a disaster. I studied fascism in university, and I see clear parallels (and I should mention that I don’t state this lightly. I fought against our former Conservative government in Canada, but people bandied around the “fascist” term – it’s a strong term, But in think it applies to Trump.


  2. I do hope our Constitution allows our military to stand against insane, destructive orders from a Commander in Chief. And while I’m at it, I wish we had some system of evaluating the mental health, personality disorders of candidates for president as well as evaluating their knowledge of current world events before they’re allowed to declare their candidacy.


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