Maybe MSNBC Is Moving to Instant Fact Checking

Eric Wemple of the Washington Post points out today in his blog that MSNBC is using chron to fact check and rebut Trump live.  This is sort of like what I suggested a while back.


In a speech this afternoon in New Hampshire, Donald Trump said of his opponent: “As all of these revelations have been discovered, some this week, many this month, Hillary Clinton has been hiding. She’s been hiding. Where is she?”

Moments later, the writers of chyrons at MSNBC came up with the formulation above. In so doing, they provided an answer to a problem that has bedeviled the media since Trump’s campaign launch in June 2015: How to fact-check a .guy who lies and tells falsehoods at breakneck pace? Via parentheses, it turns out.

Back when I blogged, I suggested:

TASS (Trump Assertion Scoring System).  .  .  .   would be deployed on one or more news source networks, in the form of maybe a visual Pinocchio, or other graphic, maybe in the bottom letft of the screen, showing the accuracy or not of the current assertion. One could also use an icon system to note the percentage of lies in the speech. Indeed, the Washington Post Fact Checker already uses a Four Pinocchio scoring system.  But it is not in real time. Polifact does some livechecking, but it seems to be text driven, and in any event not on the major network news feeds.

One real key — and one thing that can only be done for an endlessly repeating liar, is to have the documentation ready, but lots of that is there.

Lets hope that  this is the beginning of real accountability.