Is is he Mad or is he a Democrat?

When the Republican presidential candidate calls for Russia to hack into American computer networks there is only one question.  Is he mad, or is he a Republican?  It is apparently the ultimate proof of the man’s focus on his own interests, rather than those of the country or his party.

I go with the Republican theory, because of the timing.  The timing of this craziness could not have been better for the Dems.  At the very point when the convention line-up is designed to emphasize Clinton’s steadfastness, he highlights his own instability.  It is no political defense that he reminds people about the e-mail issue.  This is like going from saying that a woman should not to to bars late at night, to urging a man to rape her, and indeed others too, because any hack of a US internet capacity is a hack of all of us.

I go with the Reggie Perrin Theory, following an old BBC 70’s humor program in which the hero starts a business designed to fail, it succeeds dramatically, and every attempt to kill it makes it only more and more successful.  If I am right, then the question is what on earth comes next.

As it sinks in what this means, the damage to down ballot candidates, forced to separate themselves from the top of the ticket,will only get greater and greater.

On the other hand, if it is a mental capacity issue — with the diagnosis shifting from narcissism to megalomania, the question becomes what happens when the 25th Amendment is triggered on the day of the inauguration.  Or what happens if the incapacity becomes clear between the election and the voting of the electoral college.

Maybe the debates will show which it is.