I am Scheduled for Chemo The Week of the Republican Convention — Is This a Research Opportunity?

Monday through Friday of the week of the Republican Convention I am scheduled for my sixth cycle of chemotherapy.

The first question is whether having both of these “treatments” at the same time is contra-indicated.

The next is whether the side effects of the two treatments might tend to mitigate or intensify each other:

  • Does nausea get worse from the two?
  • Does drowsiness from chemo help protect against effects from the convention?
  • Does “chemo brain” mean you lose your judgement about what is going on?
  • Would Marinol reduce any exacerbation effect? (Other drugs also occur to one!)

Finally, could one develop a protocol to research this?  What would the consent document look like? Or is such research clearly unethical as subjecting subjects to needless harm?  What would be the standard for ending the experiment (by which I mean ending the convention early)?

10 thoughts on “I am Scheduled for Chemo The Week of the Republican Convention — Is This a Research Opportunity?

  1. It would be impossible to develop a protocol for this as the gag reflex varies so wildly from person to person. I recommend taking funny You Tube videos as needed until the horror has passed.


  2. I am very disappointed that people are taking this research issue so lightly. It is not often that you have the opportunity to look at the issue of associations in the context of causality. In this case . the complications of Chemotherapy treatment with and without simultaneous exposure to listening to GOP key convention speeches.

    The proposition to be investigated is that the stimuli resulting in Nausea ,Vomiting and Disorientation after exposure to two types of noxious stimuli are additive in exponential fashion.

    The sample size need not be large because a priori data suggests that the great majority of the test subjects will react in similar fashion . Therefore sample size for preliminary study could be 32 half of whom would be given their chemo and half would be given placebo in double blind fashion of course ( usual protocol applies ) .

    Half of each subgroup ( ie 8 persons ) would be exposed simultaneously to 6 hours of broadcast key speeches from the GOP convention in a sound proof booth while half of the other subgroup would , in similar booths, listen to music of someone else’s choice. Food and drink will be supplied at lib with five minute bathroom breaks every two hours .

    The data on end points: Nausea; Vomiting; Panic attacks ; Disorientation ( all on standard scales 1 – 5 ). Stats would be non-parametric; Mann-Whitney-U test and Chi squared as needed.

    If there is a greater/ distressing reaction the subject will be transferred to hospital by calling 911 but only after the latest set of results have been recorded. Subjects may terminate their participation at any time once they have provided an adequate explanation of their wish to the research supervisor.

    Subjects will be encouraged to waive their rights to full informed consent on the grounds that it would undermine the scientific validity of the study . Subjects not willing to accept this position will be excluded from the investigation.

    Funding : Being sort from NHI center for prevention of Psychic Disturbance in Seniors..

    Declared interests: All authors are members of Real Politique Washington DC branch.

    Anyone who wishes to join a discussion group on this subject please make inquires to Richard Zorza. In addition ,and as a requirement, please view John Cleese U Tube piece on the implications of stupidity!!

    Best wishes for a few LOL’s

    Peter Fielding


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