Lewandowski, CNN, and the Trump Confidentiality Agreement

So now we know, 1)Trump fired Lewandowsi, 2) Lewandowski signed a confidentiality agreement, presumably incuding a “nnon-disparagement” clause, 3) he has since been nice, about Trump, and 4) he is now being paid by CNN to express his opinions.

I am lost.

How, when he is bound by such an agreement, can his words means anything?

Indeed how are they anything other that the utterly predictable words of a spokesman pretending to be commentator — and getting paid by the journalistic platform?

How can CNN claim anymore to be a journalistic news entity?

How can they be surprised when the public distrusts the entire political elite?

Somebody, please explain.

And, please, don’t say that everybody does it.  That’s the standard defense of any corrupt system — indeed any corrupt person.