Sorry Donald, The Only Response to Political Hacking is Transparency

We now hear that the Russan, presumably the intelligence services, have hacked into the DNC’s data, including the opposition research on Trump.

After getting beyond asking myself the question as to  who in Moscow I could contract to get my own copy of the file (or sharing here, of course,) I realized that the biggest issue is Trump’s susceptibility to blackmail.

Its not only what’s in the files Moscow got, its in what those might lead to for a investigator not constrained the way the DNC and its contractors.

It is terrifying to think that we could have a president susceptible to blackmail from Moscow for any of a number of reasons derived from his activities.

Once someone willing to use it for blackmail has harmful information, the only way to defang that possibiity is to release all the information.  This destroys the threat, which is much worse than whatever the information might be.  Makes you worry even more about those tax returns, and the wisdom of the suggestion that the RNC should pass a tax filing disclosure requirement for candidates to be considered at the convention.

Of course, the need to defang the information as soon as possible is greatest of all when the only credible retaliatory threat Trump might have would be military.