The Democrats’ Strategy is Brillant

Has it crossed your mind that the Democratic strategy is brilliant?  Before hitting Trump, they wait, wait, and wait, and then wait a little more, while many of us panic, until just the right time to start the counter-attack.

What’s the right time to start?  It is when as many Republicans as possible have signed on with the Trump campaign, have gotten inside the tent — the tent that is now going to collapse in flames around ALL of them.  Very possibly with disastrous long term consequences for the party.

So the really good news is not the better polls, nor the new speech style.  No, the good news is a campaign with a perfect sense of long term timing, and having that skill is probably the most important thing of all.

And the really good news.  In contrast, the Trump campaign is so badly managed, self-managed actually, that after almost a week of being clobbered on the racism of Trump’s attack on Judge Curiel, they keep doubling down.

There is after all, a totally easy way out for the Campaign.  It goes something like this:

“No, no, I am not saying that all judges with Latino backgrounds are biased — that would be racist.  I am just saying that THIS JUDGE has shown by his rulings that he is biased, and I think it is because of his background.  There are white judges who are biased like this, there are black judges who do this.  Its not racist to point out when it happens.”

Now, that would be disingenuous, false, and still viciously racist (because of the context and history), but it would be an awfully lot lot harder to attack.  The only reason I can think of for the Trump campaign not making this actually obvious pivot, is that it is not in the candidate’s range.

If I am right, we will start soon to see the Democratic campaign focusing more and more not just on winning, but on getting a mandate for the things they WANT to do, such as expanding Social Security.  Incidentally, the best mandate of all is the defeat of unprecedented numbers of the opposing party’s candidates at all levels.  The survivors are left traumatized, terrified, and passive.

We are going to see this imbalance in basic capacity again and again between now and November.  If I were one of the Republicans who came into the Trump tent (at this point the vast majority), I would be terrified for my obviously beloved  and  now threatened career.