Trump Promises to Make Republicans the Workers’ Party

What a great promise.  Here is the link to Politico’s coverage.

And here is the genuine un-retouched photo from the Workers’ Paradise.


“Workers of the World, Unite, you have nothing to lose but the 53%.” — Or is it 99%?

By the way, I heartily recommend this recording now from Smithsonian Folkways, My Darling Party Line: Irreverent Songs, Ballads and Airs.  As the site says:

“This album is for you if you belong to any (or all) of the following categories; (1) present radicals, young or old; (2) former radicals with a nostalgic bent; (3) “Sovietologists,” “Kreminologists” and sundry other experts and students on the Communist movement and ideology; (4) regular readers of The New York Times.” These categories seem somewhat limiting now, as just about anyone is capable of enjoying this collection of music sung by Joe Glazer and his colleague Abe Brumberg.

The policy turmoil in the new GOP “Workers’ Party” might be best reflected in this song from the 30’s Our Line’s Been Changed Again (sample and download).

p.s. My father, a columnist on communist affairs for the Guardian and the Washington Post, was at the launching party of this album in 1968, and the singers indeed dedicated “Sovietology” to him at the party.