A Call for Help From Modern German Historians

Right now, we are hearing all the arguments about why it is OK, and indeed necessary, for people to “work with” Trump in one way or another.

Does anyone else sense an echo of early 30’s Germany when many, particularly conservatives, industrialists and bankers, also felt that they would be able to manage a Hitler Chancellorship.  You do not have to think that all lying demagogues who make threats of violence are necessarily precisely the same to hear those echos today.  As History Today summarizes it.

He [Hitler] was the most powerful political leader in the country, but was a demagogue with no experience of government and they [conservatives] believed they would be able to bring him under control, while an alliance with the Nazis would bring them the support they needed in the Reichstag.

So, this is a call to those who know how to find their way around German media and archives from the late 20s and early 30’s to look for and collect those kind of statements.  An ideal report would include what happened to the people who made such statements, as well as their organizations.  It would then be helpful to line up those statements with the ones being made today.

In particular, I suspect that many of those statements included the idea that the important thing was to defeat a different candidate.

Please, folks, do circulate this to anyone you know, anywhere in the world, but particularly Germany, who might be, or might know someone who might be able to take on, or who might be able to organize students to take on, such a project, which would surely be easier today with all the online resources easy to access.