Sadly, the Changing Use of Nicknames by Republican Leaders Reflects the Party’s Descent

Remember when we never knew quite what to feel about “W”s use of weird nicknames.  “Turdblossom” was what Wikipedia describes as the “term of endearment” used by W for Karl Rove.  A list of such W nicknames is here.  Even the hostile ones embody a modicum of respect, for example “Sabretooth” for Barney Frank.  Although I always felt that this nickname habit was a way of maintaining control over relationships, or at least suggesting a false intimacy.

But now, for Trump, W’s own brother Jeb is “low energy,” whatever that is meant to mean.

For the complete Trump insult list (not a nickname list) most of which, at least superficially, are far worse, go here.  We all know of “Lying Ted,” “Crooked Hilary,” etc.  I suspect these are all focus group tested.

Surely this reflects a profound deterioration in Republican candidates confidence in their ability to win based on the strength of their arguments.  Maybe it also reflects an inability to make arguments at all.