An Idea on How to Convince the World that the US is Not Now and Will Not Be an Unreliable Partner

It’s actually really scary.  Every country in the world would be committing diplomatic malpractice if its leaders were not right now reassessing, more fundamentally than at any time since Pearl Harbor, how much they can rely on the US as a stable, predictable partner or even as a coherent adversary.

Trumps becoming presumptive nominee has to suggest to them that we might have a President, and foreign trade and military policies, best described in this compilation ad using only the words and images of fellow Republicans.

I assume and hope that a huge and private attempt is being made at secret diplomatic level to reassure, but I would like to suggest a person to person approach in which everyone with contacts around the world reaches out to those contacts to explain, reassure, and build better relationships.

Remind people of the low percent of the electorate as a whole he gets, of how he is in many ways playing the role that George Wallace tried to play, with less short term success, in the Democratic Party in 1968 and 1972.  Explain the electoral college math that is devastating, and the possibility of a third party attempt.  Talk about demographics, and particularly those of Florida.  (If the Democrat gets only the states that a Democrat has not lost since 1988, plus Florida, it is over.  And look at the changes in Florida, that last voted R in 2004)

Maybe organizations like the American Foreign Services Association, (focusing mainly on the retired) and others such as academic groups that are international, could take a leading and non-partisan role emphasizing the long term stabilizing forces and the profound committement to values-driven engagement in the world in the US.  Or maybe it just happens virally.

It’s an international social media project.