What Happens When Trump Gets the Official Intelligence Briefing?

At some point, presumably after his nomination is formalized, Trump will be getting the official intelligence briefing on a regular basis. (It would be very high risk, but characteristic, for him to refuse it.)

So do the briefers prepare an anodyne briefing that they know would do no harm when he references it in detail?

Or, do they seed it with irresistible, but essentially harmless titbits?  Then, when he starts referencing it, do they: a) stop doing the briefings, b) have him indicted, or c) leave it to the Hilary campaign to use his clear violations of law to counter his e-mail-related assaults.

It’s going to be quite a political season.

P.S.  And now we have our answer, maybe, from the White House, as reported by the NYT:

“Asked whether President Obama was concerned about Mr. Trump’s receiving classified information in light of the presumptive Republican nominee’s reputation for making unfiltered comments, Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, said the president would leave it to intelligence professionals to decide what to share with him.

“Those are assessments that will have to be made by the intelligence community, and the president has full confidence in the ability of our professionals in the intelligence community to make those assessments,” Mr. Earnest said.”

Very nicely put!

P.P.S.  This is now a major national story, on July 25, 2016


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